22nd Sept 2017 | SINGAPORE

After it's successful launch last year, the company site tours are back! This unique experience offers site visits to 4 of Singapore's most dynamic and forward-thinking smart organisations.

This unique excursion will enable you to experience first-hand the inner workings of these organisations as well as their outstanding cultures, systems and processes which have enabled them to achieve their sustainable growth and ongoing excellence.

Time: 9:00am – 4:30pm
Site Tour includes: Pick up from CBD, bus transfers to each of the office premises, morning and afternoon coffee, and of course prime networking time with fellow attendees!

Strictly limited to 40 delegates. First come, First served.

thebridge - What's Next for the "Silicon Valley" Workplace of Singapore?

Find out about what the next-gen workforce is looking for in the workplace. thebridge powered by Ascendas Singbridge will showcase the transformation of “future- ready workspaces”.

thebridge introduces a new workplace community platform within the greater One North - the Silicon Valley of Singapore - offering flexible work spaces with a contemporary design as well as a selection of venues for social, business and networking interaction, from meetings to events.

This inspiring community grants access to over 2,400 best-in class enterprises, co-existing with local start-ups – all thriving in the business parks and offices of Ascendas Singbridge.

Come see for yourself how getting social and being collaborative in such a dynamic environment can nurture innovation and ideation!

LEGO – SingHub, New Ways of Working

Come and visit LEGO’s vibrant and dynamic offices to hear about their New Ways of Working (NWOW) initiative and how this transcends everything they do.

New Ways of Working (NWOW) is a change and transformation initiative with a scope of enabling individuals, teams and organisations to continuously improve their way of working in order to perform better, make faster decisions, be more efficient and work as a sustainable happy workforce.

Supporting diversity to release employees from outdated and restricting habits, NWOW was implemented to support the signature experience goals of the SingHub and create a work environment that allows employees from different parts of our organisation to learn from each other, thereby allowing them to think and act more holistically.

Activity Based Working (ABW) which is the enabler of NWOW, creates the best circumstances for people to perform their activities in, supporting them perform to the best of their abilities.

Visit the LEGO site tour to experience the Physical Environment (providing an assortment of facilities best suited to support various types of activities), Information Technology (which provides the right tools), and the Rules of Engagement (which foster a holistic working culture allowing employees to be more mindful of their behaviours, ways of working inside and outside the office and different ways of collaborating with each other).

Boeing Training & Professional Services - Training Through VR

Today’s competitive air travel environment requires airplanes and operations to run seamlessly and with maximum efficiency. Being one of the world’s largest global aircraft manufacturer’s, Boeing also provides training products and services for pilots, technicians and flight crews all over the world supported by full flight simulators.

Vehicle simulation is one of the most successful implementations of VR technology and used in many circumstances to train employees. Through this exclusive Boeing Training Services site tour, you will get to understand why and how Boeing uses training through VR and the benefits of this immersive technology – soon to become mainstream for all occupations requiring sensory experiences and environments.

Access these exclusive training grounds where you will get to try out a 787 procedural trainer, used in the early stage of pilot training, as well as a maintenance classroom which encompasses a 360° virtual tour of a 787 airplane to familiarise engineers with repair techniques and locations of equipment on-board. Last but not least, you will also get to take a ride on the 737Max full flight simulator - a direct representation of the Boeing 737 aircraft!



CBRE will bring you on a tour of its offices, a showcase of how they walk the talk; this tour will highlight how Workplace 360 promotes sustainability, creates opportunity for collaboration, boosts performance, while creating an environment that increases not only employee morale but also work-life balance. During the tour, we will also explain how to leverage your workplace to empower your employees, increase their engagement and turning it into a powerful talent attraction tool.


More companies to be confirmed soon…