Mix and match to create the experience better suited to your needs:

• 2 Day Conference (19th & 20th Sept) – Featuring all things technology – mindset – transformation and agility with exclusive keynote by Prof. Dave Ulrich.
‘Inspire Me’ Talks – 20 min power talks on the latest most cutting edge ideas and insights into HR’s biggest disruptions.
Expo Lounge – Featuring the latest and most cutting edge HR technology, tools and advisers in the market to get you started on your tech-savvy journey.

• 1 Day Exclusive Masterclass with Prof Dave Ulrich (21th Sept) – A chance to hear from and spend time with the most nfluential HR thinker of all time - Prof Dave Ulrich.

• 1 Day Company Site Tours (22nd Sept) – Join us on a unique excursion to some of the most cutting edge workplaces in Singapore.

Do you want to understand how your organisation can become 'change capable' rather than 'change responsive'?

Smart Workforce Summit 2017 will explore:
• AI (Artificial Intelligence)
• Contingent workforces
• Growth Mindsets
• Agililty
• 'People-Centered' Leadership
• Employee Experience
• Transformation
• Automation
• Globalisation
and more, while demonstrating the existing and technologies that are revolutionising the way we work.

Hear from and meet the most influential HR thinker of all time