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Payboy is a Human Resource & Payroll Software company and we specialise in servicing businesses with high volumes of contract and casual labour workforce. Our core modules Payroll, Leaves & Claims alongside our add-on Scheduling and Attendance modules have serviced more than 180 MNCs and SMEs in automating their routine Human Resource Functions and we strive to provide the best User Experience for all our stakeholders.

u:synergy consulting
improved globalised collaboration by
counselling individuals, teams and organisations on the
essentials of successful intercultural leadership

This is what we stand for, bringing to ASEAN and beyond a fresh and integrated approach to coaching, team development and change management through a blend of time-tested experience and the latest findings in neuro- and other sciences.

In our practice, we pilot our clients in the space between people, leadership, organisation, and culture, staying focused on their purpose and their success.