Prof. Dave Ulrich Masterclass: Transforming the HR department and Upgrading HR Professionals

Transforming the HR Department:
During the last few years, Prof. Dave Ulrich has undertaken extensive research and has had numerous experiences with transforming and disrupting HR. 

In that process, he has identified how to transform the HR department by identifying the 9 criteria that characterise an effective HR department. Using each of these criteria as a benchmark, Prof. Ulrich has recognised that HR departments can assess the extent to which it operates to deliver efficiency, functional excellence, strategic HR, or value to external stakeholders. 

During this Masterclass, he will work with participants to assess their HR departments on these 9 criteria, and will demonstrate the latest trends for managing each of them. 

Upgrading HR Professionals:
After exploring these 9 criteria for Transforming HR, Prof. Ulrich will then share his 30 years of research which includes over 90,000 respondents, in addition to 1200 businesses and 32,000 respondents from his latest research (conducted in 2016).  He will also share the results which identify the 9 HR competencies that deliver:

• Personal Effectiveness
• Stakeholder Value, And
• Business Results

Participants will learn which competencies have which outcomes as well as how to personally effectively master them.