Your front seat to the emerging new world of work

A smart, digital, mobile, hyper-connected and agile world of work is emerging and the lines between work and life are increasing. Traditional 9-5 office structures now seem futile. Skilled talent prefers flexibility and fluidity working remotely, part-time or on a contract basis.

New technologies are redesigning the way we work, forcing companies to redesign business models and seek new skills and talents.
The rise of Millennials (who now represent over half the workforce) are challenging the status quo due to expectations and values that vastly differ to that of previous generations.

The combination of these factors converging is disrupting the traditional functioning of workplaces like never before. Consequently, a pressing need for HR to develop new capabilities and become more technologically savvy has emerged.

With HR departments being pressured more than ever to adapt to these demands, the Smart Workforce Summit (19-22 Sept) will explore these evolving trends while showcasing the skills, technologies and strategies required to keep up with the pace of change and drive this evolution forward.