A new world of work has emerged ...

More than ever, technology is disrupting all aspects of business including a smart, digital, mobile, hyper-connected and agile world of work where the lines between work and life are increasingly blurred. Where new technologies are redesigning the way we work, forcing companies to redesign business models and seek new skills and talents. As we face a technology-led future of work, what are the implications to your human capital strategies? What does it mean for your organisation and business?

Smart Workforce Summit 2017 will provide the guide to navigate the complexities and interrupters of the emerging workplace. The year, led by renowned Management Expert & HR Guru, Prof Dave Ulrich, the programme will introduce attendees to what the new world of work looks like in reality, and why they need to invest in adopting these technologies and strategies in order to remain stay agile and relevant in the new world.


Exclusive Session and
Workshop with:

Prof. Dave Ulrich
Management Expert & HR Guru